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3955 Quadra St., Victoria, BC  (250) 479-7151

ACE Hardware

Lumberworld is a select Canadian dealer of ACE Hardware and as a result we have full access to 3.8 billion dollars of "wholesale" buying power. ACE was founded in 1924 and has grown to one of the largest hardware sales organizations in the world. ACE store sales totalled over 13 billion dollars in 2008 and they are one of the 100 most "recognized" brands in the world.

Lumberworld's affiliation with Ace provides us with weekly service of an assortment of over 65,000 different items stocked in the 800,000 sq. ft Distribution Centre in Washington State illustrated above.

The combination of a massive warehouse inventory as well as ACE'S 5,000 plus suppliers, gives Lumberworld access to the largest hardware selection in North America. Thanks to ACE and our other Canadian vendors there is a good chance of Lumberworld finding the right item, at the right price for you, our customers.

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